Text messaging has come a long way since it was first introduced.

It’s incredible.

Research shows that nearly 48% of consumers prefer being contacted by SMS to receive updates.

Can you believe that?

Source: FinancesOnline

People are more receptive to SMS messages from businesses than most other forms of communication. 

But hold on a second.

Before blasting messages left and right, consider your texting strategy carefully. Here’s a striking stat: on average, 65% of people unsubscribe from text messages.

You read that right. 

They unsubscribe due to reasons like excessive messages or irrelevant content. Ouch! So, its’ not just about sending texts; its’ about sending the right texts to the right people. 

Don’t let that discourage you, though.

There’s a bright side. Companies that have cracked the code and effectively retain and expand their contact lists can achieve impressive SMS conversion rates.

We’re talking rates as high as 45%!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Here at Vanilla, we’ve partnered with seriously amazing organizations from various industries.

At Vanilla, we’ve partnered with incredible organizations across various industries and witnessed mind-blowing success stories through SMS marketing campaigns.

These campaigns share common factors that can help you achieve the same level of success.

This is your chance to learn how to craft messages your customers will love, avoid those unsubscribes, and drive serious results, ultimately.

Let’s dive into the SMS marketing best practices:

1-Build a Subscriber List

To embark on a successful text marketing journey, the first step is to build a valuable subscriber list.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Make Opt-Ins Easy and Irresistible

 Source: Digioh

Ensure your opt-in process is smooth and straightforward, free of complications or confusion.

Sweeten the deal by offering tempting incentives like exclusive discounts, first dibs on new products, or juicy industry insights.

Give your customers a reason to hit that subscribe button; in return, you’ll score some die-hard fans who want to stay in the loop and hear from you. It’s all about giving them value from the get-go and building a solid base of loyal subscribers who genuinely want to hear from you.

Promote Your Text Campaigns

Get the word out using the channels at your disposal.

Take advantage of your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, and in-store signage to entice customers to join your text list.

When promoting your text list, communicate what subscribers expect from you.

Paint a clear picture of the perks they’ll enjoy, like exclusive limited-time offers or valuable insider tips. By emphasizing these benefits, you’ll create a convincing reason for customers to subscribe.

Balancing a conversational tone with a formal approach is essential when spreading the word about your text marketing campaigns. This will help you engage with your audience professionally but in an approachable style, increasing the chances of attracting eager subscribers.

Leverage Existing Channels

Let’s talk about supercharging your text marketing campaigns using the communication channels you already have in place. Here’s the deal: you can enhance your marketing game by smartly leveraging existing media.

For instance, consider adding a text opt-in option to your email signature so that whenever you shoot off an email, you give people a chance to hop on board your text marketing train.

But wait, there’s more!

When publishing blog posts or hosting those killer podcasts, don’t forget to include a compelling call-to-action for your audience to join your text list.

It’s all about integrating text marketing seamlessly into your existing efforts, boosting your reach, and increasing the chances of scoring those valuable conversions.

Integrating text marketing into your current marketing efforts maximize your reach and increases the likelihood of conversions.

2-Crafting Engaging Text Messages

Once you’ve built a solid subscriber list, it’s time to create compelling and engaging text messages that resonate with your audience.

Here’s how:

Keep It Concise and Relevant

When crafting your messages, ensure they are highly relevant to your audience.

Text messages are meant to be short and sweet, so get straight to the point.

Think about what your customers truly need and what interests them.

In short, embrace the art of concise messaging.

Each text message should be impactful, engaging and excite the prospects enough to make them want more. 

Personalize and Segment

Source: Exploding Topics

Don’t ignore the power of segmentation and personalization to level up your game and connect with your subscribers.

First, break down your subscriber list based on demographics, preferences, or even their purchasing behavior. This way, you can deliver messages that truly resonate with each group.

But don’t stop there!

Take personalization to the next level by addressing your recipients by their names. Let them know you see them as individuals, not just another number on the list.

And here’s the secret sauce: tailor the content of your messages to their specific interests. Whether announcing an irresistible flash sale, dishing out a valuable tip, or spoiling them with a personalized offer, every word you choose should pack a punch.

Show your customers that you understand their needs and preferences.

Targeted and tailored messages help grab your prospects’ attention and strengthen your bond with your customers.

Timing Is Key

Timing plays a significant role in the success of your text marketing campaigns. Avoid sending messages during inconvenient hours or bombarding your subscribers with excessive texts. Instead, carefully consider your audience’s time zones, habits, and preferences.

Test different sending times and analyze the response rates to identify the optimal timing for your messages.

3-Adding Disclaimers 

 Source: OptinMonster

Adding a disclaimer can feel useless. Almost as if you’re handing a steaming cup of coffee with a warning label that says, “Caution: Contents are hot.”

It seems obvious.

But, including these disclaimers is both a best practice and a legal requirement.

Include the following information to comply with the regulations:

    • Let your contacts know how often they can expect to hear from you. For example, you might say, “You may receive up to 4msgs/month.”
    • Don’t Remember that standard messaging and data rates may apply.
    • Provide a link to your terms and conditions and your privacy policy.
    • Make it crystal clear how recipients can unsubscribe. Let them know they can reply with “STOP” to opt out or send “HELP” for assistance.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations can help you further explore the SMS marketing best practices regarding legality.

The FCC regulates various aspects of telecommunications in the United States, including SMS marketing. Their website provides information on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which sets telemarketing, auto-dialing, and SMS marketing rules.

The CTIA’s Short Code Monitoring Handbook is another excellent resource that offers valuable insights into consent, message content, frequency, and opt-out procedures.

But if you still feel unsure about the requirements, consulting with a legal professional is always a good idea.

Concluding SMS marketing best practices

Incorporating these practices will help you create engaging SMS campaigns that drive customer engagement, boost conversions, and achieve your business goals.

All you need is the right approach and a commitment to implement these practices.

To make your first SMS marketing campaign easier, Vanilla offers a 14-day free trial with all the features you need to succeed.

 Happy texting.

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